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A brief introduction to Guangzhou Newvision.

Guangzhou Newvision Optoelectronic Technology Co. Ltd. is an R&D company focused on oxide TFT, OLED, Micro/Mini-LED, and other display technology. We are established based on the original technology from South China University of Technology (State Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials and Devices) and funded by a well-known international display manufacturer. 

Among all the innovations we have achieved, the Ln-IZO metal oxide semiconductor material is our most significant accomplishment. Through years of testing and trial production, Ln-IZO proves its unique performance-both high mobility, and high stability. Ln-IZO is suitable for driving LCD, OLED, Mini/Micro-LED, E-paper, electrochromic and even laser, optical sensor, and brain-computer interface.

Since 2015, Newvision had established a public R&D platform that could provide high-quality R&D services for all kinds of customers. So far, we have provided TFT backplanes, demo displays, customized optoelectronic devices, testing services, material and chemical validation services for more than one hundred customers around the world.

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