Recently, the first large area flexible OLED lighting that can be applied to automotive tail lights in China

Recently, the first large-area flexible OLED lighting panel that can be applied to automobile taillights in China was successfully developed and lit in Guangzhou New Vision Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., which marks that after New Vision successfully developed the first full-color flexible AMOLED display screen based on metal oxide TFT technology in China, the new OLED lighting technology developed by New Vision also achieved a key breakthrough, indicating that OLED lighting products with independent intellectual property rights are coming.

This flexible OLED lighting panel sample includes two types: yellow and red. It integrates the long-life OLED stack device technology independently developed by New Horizon, high-performance light extraction technology, high water oxygen barrier film packaging technology, and flexible substrate preparation and dissociation technology. It realizes a flexible OLED lighting panel with an arbitrary bending shape, a luminous area of 30mm * 135mm, and an overall thickness of 0.02mm (as shown in the figure below). Among them, the current efficiency of yellow OLED devices reaches 180 cd/A, and that of red lighting devices exceeds 70 cd/A.


It is reported that OLED lighting has many advantages, such as surface emitting, soft emitting, all solid state, ultra-thin flexibility, arbitrary shape, simple processing, and the closest luminous spectrum to sunlight. It is considered to be the most ideal light source. However, at this stage, OLED lighting technology and industrial chain development are not yet mature, resulting in relatively high costs. OLED lighting technology needs to find a niche market or "guide" the market to expand the product scale, open the market window, and show its technological advantages and capabilities to consumers. Automotive lighting is the first "leading" market for the relatively recognized application of OLED lighting technology. The integration of its curved surface, flexible design and OLED will become a specific combination feature in the field of automotive lighting. New Horizon is optimistic about the market prospect of flexible OLED lighting. Based on its technical accumulation in flexible AMOLED display for several years, it launched the flexible lighting project in early 2016. At present, it has made good progress. It has released application prototypes in professional lighting, and is also actively developing high-performance, low-cost flexible white light lighting panels in general lighting.

Guangzhou New Horizon Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology incubation platform company based on the R&D technology institute of South China University of Technology. The goal is to engineering, productization and pilot test the high-tech in OLED field of domestic universities and research institutions, and actively promote the application. New Horizon was founded in August 2010. It was the first to build the oxide TFT and flexible OLED R&D pilot line in China, and built the "Guangdong OLED industry university research cooperation platform" and the "new generation oxide TFT and flexible AMOLED technology innovation public service platform". New Horizon has applied for more than 100 patents (more than 60 patents and 7 PCT international patents), including more than 50 invention patents.

New Horizon, based on the pilot line of independent operation, mainly conducts technology research and development, technical services (technical consultation, scheme, training and transfer), and provides related products (AMOLED materials, devices, parts and modules) around new display technology (AMOLED technology, TFT technology, OLED technology, electronic paper display, etc.), new OLED lighting technology, new flexible sensing, and the next generation IC, Strive to build a bridge between "original innovative technology" and "industry/product" of universities/research institutions, provide customized development and technology incubation services for customers at home and abroad, and provide a broad open platform for science and technology workers who are interested in innovative research and entrepreneurship in the field of new displays and flexible electronics.

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